About Highbro·ws

Highbrows — are you serious?

Well, not entirely.

Brains are among our favorite organs in the human body. They're fun to play with, and sometimes they're even useful. We like brains. Hence, Highbro·ws.

But yes, we're poking fun at ourselves a little bit. We like our other bodily organs too. It just feels like, maybe, our adrenal medullas have been getting a bit too much exercise, at the expense of some of our other organs (the brain in particular).

The honest truth is that we went looking for an interesting domain name, noticed that .ws domains were cheap, and found the word "highbrows" via an online search for words ending in -ws.

So, what is this site about?

We like brains.

Stop that!

Okay... We like lots of things. On Highbro·ws you might find science news, poetry, recipes, political philosophy, current events, fiction, history, computer projects, artwork, linguistics, firearms advice, hairstyling tips, personal stories, health information... well, maybe not too many hairstyling tips, but you never know. Anything that has gotten our brains running enthusiastically might show up here.

Rather than focusing Highbro·ws on a particular topic, we're assembling a very small team of people with widely-differering interests, enabling a bit of collaboration behind the scenes, and leaving it to them to create whatever they choose to create.

We hope the result will be to your liking.

Welcome to Highbro·ws!